Happy Birthday My Sweet Jenna…and other pics :)










So Far, Good Summer

When school dismisses for the summer it’s usually an unorganized mess that throws off my schedule…and it still is. We’re making the most of it this time around, the girls and I have had more fun than we usually do for the entire three months.

Nothing exciting or expensive, just lots of relaxation, homemade activities and fun conversations.

Our first garden…

The lettuce is amazing and we will have an entire pumpkin patch in the fall!


Jenna is 2 1/2 today 🙂 She’s our little luv bug meanie ❤


I have perfected the cookie…total experimental success!


My husband bought me a garden gnome…he’s so cute! I’m too lazy to take a pic of him right now. 🙂 Also, I finally have two plastic, pink flamingos in my side yard. It’s a sign that screams,”A Mama’s Family Fan lives here, lol!” Our yard is a beautiful enchanted garden. We are very blessed.

Paige is teaching J the volleyball basics with a beach ball. She’s good at the move were you interlock your hand and hit the ball with your thumbs. I hate volleyball, it hurts!


Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

Scholastic Read Aloud Tips

Go here for advice about raising good readers.


For years I’ve wanted custom book shelves, here is the first(of many, we have lots of books ;)Paul made this for the girls’ room…


Due to the fact that I clearly have a book buying problem, once in a while I donate a stack to our county library. You know, to make room for more!

Only for my books though, I could not ever get rid of any of the children’s books, they’re extra special!

Don’t Smoke or Use Tobacco One More Day!

I quit, my husband quit over a year ago, he smoked for 26 years and chewed tobacco for 1 year. He is now nicotine free for nearly a month. People we know and love are in poor health and have died from tobacco use, give yourself or someone you love a gift today, quit smoking, using tobacco or encourage a friend or loved one. You will save lives!!! We each only have one mortal life, Heaven will be grand but make this one great!!!


Randomness on Snow Day 65

Maybe not 65 but close. After this round the school district gets forgiveness for the missed days, or at least that’s what I hear and that’s been the case in years past, thankfully! When my son was in kindergarten the elementary Christmas Concert was on 12/10/2000, the next day they were dismissed early due to an impending snow storm and didn’t return until after the New Year.

This is much worse, I say worse because in 2000 I had one kid, we stayed up every night until 3am watching Yogi Bear Marathons on Cartoon “Neckwork,” as Cody called it and slept as late as we wanted. Snow days aren’t snow days anymore…they are, “Wake up at 6:30am as usual” days. My Jenna is an early bird but man she’s cute!!! That kid cracks me up, these days are much better, I yearned to give Cody a sibling, I never thought he’d have two!!!

Cody’s grown and on his own but when Paige and Jenna fight and bicker back and forth I remember how delightful it was hearing Cody and Paige argue and call each other names when they were younger, it sounds mean but when you grow up an only child it’s music to your ears! Cody and I had a blast when he was my only one, it was much more exciting and eventful when Paige joined us, now we have our precious little smarty pants Jenna who keeps us laughing and amazes us every day! Before I know it she’ll be in Kindergarten enjoying her first snow day because literally, it feels like the Yogi Marathons were yesterday!

More Random

1)My Christmas Tree is still up, I’m in no hurry to put it away.

2)I’m watching Home Alone 2

3)I’ll watch more Christmas Movies today and all year long because I can.

4)I’m getting hungry for the chicken and dumplings and mashed potatoes I cooked for lunch!

5)I’m thankful for my cozy warm farmhouse and the knowledge that my handy husband can keep our home warm and functioning even in a power outage!