Just Balance It All

Gung Ho is never the answer for me. I love food, both healthy and not so much, I love exercise but in small doses. Supplements and essential oils are fun and exciting to learn about, I’m crazy about them. When I ran out of Amazing Grass Superfood a couple of months ago the inner cheapskate in me didn’t reorder but now I have some and WOW, what a difference…energy!

In my green juice I put three varieties of Yogi Teas and Tang drink mix, yes…balance. Minus being a processed food there is a lot of vitamin c in it. 

*Tang will never taste as good as it did in my grandma’s jelly jar glasses in the 70’s at her breakfast table. 

For an early Mother’s Day Gift I requested a 1 day cleanse from Nekter. It will be here Friday…beyond excited!!! After weighing all of the diy options I concluded that buying rather than purchasing equipment and ingredients was the most cost effective choice. Seems all of my healthy rituals lately are via someone I follow on social media…God Bless her! ie: Plant Therapy, Nekter

Always make choices that are comfortable for you. What I love about natural remedies and dietary health choices are the times I can treat aches, pains and illnesses myself. Doctors are fine and dandy when things are more serious but I’m proud to say Jenna, my four year old has never taken antibiotics and Paige, my 8th Grader is going on her fifth year antibiotic free. The only time she has missed school this semester is to go the orthodontist. She missed one sick day on her birthday, that was before I dove headfirst in to diy naturopathy.

Cheers to good health!



Protect Babies Everywhere 

My Granddaughter will be born very soon so, I’m urging everyone(adults included)to check with your local health department or physician to make sure you’re current on your TDAP Vaccine. Pertussis is a serious illness and risk for babies, who can’t get their TDAP until 8 weeks of age. 


Don’t Smoke or Use Tobacco One More Day!

I quit, my husband quit over a year ago, he smoked for 26 years and chewed tobacco for 1 year. He is now nicotine free for nearly a month. People we know and love are in poor health and have died from tobacco use, give yourself or someone you love a gift today, quit smoking, using tobacco or encourage a friend or loved one. You will save lives!!! We each only have one mortal life, Heaven will be grand but make this one great!!!