Extra Happy Hummus Wrap

A while back I posted my hummus recipe, yesterday I made one of these using the, “addictive-as-ice-cream,” Heavenly textured, garlicy spread…



For this wrap I tweaked my recipe a little and added a bit of vegetable oil, omitted the Parmesan, went heavy-ish(several extra drops)of Tabasco and added a palmful of honey roasted peanuts for texture.

-Spread the hummus on the wrap, add a spoonful of Dean’s French Onion Dip, a heavy sprinkling of your favorite two cheeses(avocado would totally rock here if you have one, I always gobble mine up in a flash)make sure you press the sides down before and while rolling up your wrap or tortilla, keeping the sides tucked in.

The creaminess is to die for!!! A recipe is just a starting point, explore and experiment with the possibilities!

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