So Far, Good Summer

When school dismisses for the summer it’s usually an unorganized mess that throws off my schedule…and it still is. We’re making the most of it this time around, the girls and I have had more fun than we usually do for the entire three months.

Nothing exciting or expensive, just lots of relaxation, homemade activities and fun conversations.

Our first garden…

The lettuce is amazing and we will have an entire pumpkin patch in the fall!


Jenna is 2 1/2 today 🙂 She’s our little luv bug meanie ❤


I have perfected the cookie…total experimental success!


My husband bought me a garden gnome…he’s so cute! I’m too lazy to take a pic of him right now. 🙂 Also, I finally have two plastic, pink flamingos in my side yard. It’s a sign that screams,”A Mama’s Family Fan lives here, lol!” Our yard is a beautiful enchanted garden. We are very blessed.

Paige is teaching J the volleyball basics with a beach ball. She’s good at the move were you interlock your hand and hit the ball with your thumbs. I hate volleyball, it hurts!


Happy Father’s Day Weekend!


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