Sweet Harry


He’s the most loving and adorable kitty! We love him ❤ He has been a great comfort to Mom, she misses her Molly and Sage who will be in their new Missouri home very soon.


Stars of the Show

***One day I’ll fix this post. The content and photos are completely out of order but for now I’m tired of trying to fix it. : /

Of course, that would be Little Jenna and Princess Paigey!

J is such a beauty with the most awesome personality but she can flop down anywhere and throw the most dramatic fit you’d ever see! We have to share her about once a month with her family in Salem, which seems like a nice break…for about five minutes, then we miss her so much. Luckily, we get lots of photos, she is just the sweetest little bundle of boundless energy…

I love this photo I took before she left for Salem…

She loves the lawnmower and anything with a steering wheel! Paigey is the Princess and Little J is my tomboy, just like I was. Us girls have it made, we can play with Barbies AND Hot Wheels!

I’m SO very blessed! My formerly shy Princess P is playing volleyball…








To Gammaw’s House We Go!

My parents purchased a beautiful home 40 miles away after living in Los Angeles County for 28 years. We are doing the walk through this morning then closing on Friday! An exciting time for our family! I’m looking so forward to all of the morning coffees at our favorite coffee houses in Farmington and all of the wonderful memories we’ll share between our two homes!