My beautiful niece, Rilee during her game.


Stars of the Show

***One day I’ll fix this post. The content and photos are completely out of order but for now I’m tired of trying to fix it. : /

Of course, that would be Little Jenna and Princess Paigey!

J is such a beauty with the most awesome personality but she can flop down anywhere and throw the most dramatic fit you’d ever see! We have to share her about once a month with her family in Salem, which seems like a nice break…for about five minutes, then we miss her so much. Luckily, we get lots of photos, she is just the sweetest little bundle of boundless energy…

I love this photo I took before she left for Salem…

She loves the lawnmower and anything with a steering wheel! Paigey is the Princess and Little J is my tomboy, just like I was. Us girls have it made, we can play with Barbies AND Hot Wheels!

I’m SO very blessed! My formerly shy Princess P is playing volleyball…