Purses, Mittens and a Turkey on Toast




The makeup bag is sewn completely by hand. I love my new machine but sewing by hand has become a favorite pastime.

There were no mitten patterns, knit or crochet that I liked so I made up my own.

The best turkey sandwich is white meat, mustard, mayo and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce on toast(I made that up too.)

Feeling productive.


Little Bits

Maybe I can stick with blogging if it’s done in bits and pieces. I HAVE been busy, working as a waitress on weekends since June and now I’m feeding animals once a day at a neighbors’ farm. I miss sharing recipes and photos so here is a good one that I found on Paige’s iPod from the summer. Jenna’s wearing a tank top that I knitted.

IHOP Copycat Pancakes:

One box of complete pancake mix, one box yellow cake mix, combine and follow pancake mix directions.