Avon- Product Recommendation 

I’m an Avon Representative and although I don’t like to be forward(pushing products for profit)we ARE homeschooling and I have a teen and my son has a one year old baby girl so extra income would come in handy. 

I’d love to feel successful at my home based business like a lot of people, so I will share my favorite products from Avon and if I get a few customers I’d be forever grateful! I’d definitely offer some giveaways, discounts etc. if I did.

Here is a hand cream that works miracles on dry skin…

My daughter also uses it as a primer when she does my makeup!

You can shop my website through Avon here and it will be shipped directly to you!

Feel free to comment any questions about products and I will get right back to you.


Homemade Pizza: 2010 Photo


This photo is from my 2010 archives. In lieu of spending .20 per item to list on Etsy I will be listing some of my items here. This image is $7.00, which gives you the right to post the resized(by 50% or less)image on a blog or website and to print for personal use. This would look lovely on canvas or framed on a kitchen wall, even as invites to a dinner party.

I will email the the full size image to you, 3888 x 2592 pixels, the watermark will not be on the photo.

My PayPal email address is shellibrannum@gmail.com

As the artist, I retain all selling rights.