Chatbooks ~ New Twist on the Photo Album

I had heard of Chatbooks about a year ago and I recently swallowed the bait. I’m now hooked. Even though I created a custom one and they sent the first one based on chronological order it’s totally better. They apparently know best. 

My Instagram Feed makes me smile, I’m proud of my photo subjects and our memories. Having a physical book of them to thumb through is just icing on the cake.
*make sure you go to your Instagram and delete any photos of people you wouldn’t want in your album and any snarky quote photos. I don’t really wanna pay for those pics, luckily my first album was fine but I did do some heavy weeding of the remaining photos.

Chatbooks get an A+ from me! I signed up for a once a month subscription which is the most affordable option. You can also order additional copies, they’d make great gifts.



For #waybackwednesday I posted this photo from my May 2009 visit to Dallas…

I noticed that Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty @ReunionTower liked my pic.  The logo looked familiar, I thought I had snapped a pic of their sign that day also and dug around in my Flickr Archives and found and posted it.

…and as I was posting these here I received notifications that Reunion Tower liked my photos, how exciting!!!


Just in Time!

Jenna received a Minnie wet bag in her monthly Citrus Lane box. Perfect timing. We started a crash course in potty training yesterday.

When I purchased a 108 pack of diapers the other day I made up my mind that they’d never be opened and I would return them.

She rides on the end of the cart at Walmart and doesn’t wear diapers…so freeing!!!

According to the pencil test(Google it)Jenna is my last child. No more potty training…until grandkids arrive!

…which could be just around the corner. 🙂