#100happydays day 10 and 11

Mom will be sending me 2 bday pecan pies…

Amazon Prime Members watch BTTF Trilogy free all month…



To Gammaw’s House We Go!

My parents purchased a beautiful home 40 miles away after living in Los Angeles County for 28 years. We are doing the walk through this morning then closing on Friday! An exciting time for our family! I’m looking so forward to all of the morning coffees at our favorite coffee houses in Farmington and all of the wonderful memories we’ll share between our two homes!


Meatloaf and a Sweater

If you eat a meal at my house, if we have meatloaf then you come back another time and have meatloaf it probably won’t taste exactly the same. I experiment, sometimes with good results, sometimes, meh.


Results pending on this meatloaf.

My Mom is consistent, follows recipes exactly and sweater patterns, with these results…



My 41st Birthday(on Oct. 15th)present! I’m SO excited to wear it! It’s been many years since I’ve worn a beautiful sweater!

Homemade Frapp’s in a Frapptaculous New Blender!

It’s no exaggeration, I’m in love with Starbucks Frappuccinos. It’s a family trait…


Paige and Mom, Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront October 2010

This morning I tried out the ice crushing feature on my new blender. It’s powerful and pulverized every ice particle it came in contact with. Here is the frapp recipe, I used Starbucks Mocha coffee and whole milk in mine. Simply amazing! Make sure to double strength the coffee as the recipe states or I’m sure it would be Crappuccino.

A visual…


The cup is very important to the authenticity 🙂

-A brand new vacuum cleaner with all the latest attractions ~~~ Archie Bunker

It’s Gramma Day!


Gramma(my mom)will be here today! She’s flying in from Cali and will be here a week. She will see her first grandchild graduate High School and be hanging out with our awesome little family here. Paige will be going back home with Gramma and I’ve heard a rumor they are driving back here in about a month and stopping by The Big Texan! Paige thinks she can eat the 72oz. steak challenge, if they had a junior size there’s no doubt that my little stringbean could beat the clock!

As you can see, Jenna is fueling up with a popcorn breakfast and rockin’ her Halloween P.J.’s! She is in store for lots of Gramma Adventures, I heard the word zoo being tossed around! Can’t wait to see my mom!!! What a perfect day for her to arrive on, it’s gonna be about 90 degrees! So thankful this day is here, it’s been in the works for a year. Mom and Paige start planning trips before the current one is over! Last year they even snuck off to NYC and the Hamptons! Someday, my eldest daughter will get to tell her kids she stayed at The Waldorf Astoria. I’m so thankful to have my mom and I’m so glad I could make her a grandma, she is amazing at it!

What a wonderful day, what a wonderful life!

*Always supervise toddlers at meal/snacktime, especially with popcorn.

Psalm 91:4-5
He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day,