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Death Lingers, Death is Quick, Death is life…

There is not much I remember from my beloved pastime of reading. I treasure books, my long term comprehension lacks. There is one section in one book I never forget…

The next morning we came up and stood around his bed. The nurse told us Dad had spent the night raising his hands and pawing at the air as though he was trying to keep something away.
Dad lay there with his eyes closed. Occasionally, he spoke. He wasn’t talking to any of us, though, he was somewhere else. At one point I heard him say clearly, “Dad, you’ll have to wait. I’ll be with you in a minute. Oh, Mom, it’s so pretty here.”
Dad was so very, very weak, and still he struggled to live. It was awful to watch him, and we knew it had to end. It was time for us to say good-bye. One by one, we knelt next to his bed to say our farewells. I was one of the last.
I told him I could never say good-bye to him, and that he should not fight any longer. It was time to move on. Then I said. “Dad, it’s time for you to go. Your ship is ready to set sail to the other side where loved ones are waiting for you.”
“Yes,” he said, “I’ve got to go.”
Then Michael, Jr. said, “Dad, this enough. It’s time to move on.”
His eyes still closed, he said softly, “You’re right. It is time.” Then he smiled and said, “I love you all.”

Michael Landon died on the first of July, the very day on which his mother had been born.

I Promised My Dad
By Cheryl Landon Wilson, stepdaughter of Michael Landon


Seconds on a Clock

Within seconds, one second, half of a second, quicker than that. Your life can change or end that fast, or your friend or loved ones.

I’m guilty, we all are guilty of taking life for granted and the lives of the ones we love. If you have a friend or loved one that you’ve been fighting with or ignoring, make peace today. We never know when life will end or change forever.

This week My Husband was the, “bystanders,” referred to in this article…


Today, this happened in the county I live in…


No matter if you are right or wrong, even if you think your family member or friend is an ass, make peace and love them, always love them even if you think you don’t…because seconds on a clock are precious.

Our Special Angel, Hollie Nicole Chasen

My first cousin, who has been my only sister in life lost her baby girl one day before her 17th Birthday. We were pregnant with our first babies at the same time, her with Hollie, me with Cody. We lost our a Grandma when were carrying those babies and when Hollie died I was expecting Jenna, her middle name is Nicole, named for Hollie. Jenna’s due date was the day Hollie was laid to rest.

Here is a post that my cousin, Christina posted to Hollie’s memorial page. My mom was lucky enough to experience this Florida Trip with them in Spring 2008.


Paige’s Pizzas Dijon


Bread slices


Your favorite sharp cheese

Pepperoni or other sliced deli meats

Butter or margarine

The other day I made homemade bread so I used that but honestly, store bought is better here, much crispier.

Butter the bottoms of the bread slices then layer the other ingredients. Bake 375 for 5-7 minutes then under the broiler for a few.

My daughters gobbled them up!

-Every day is a fresh start, a gift from God, don’t wait for January 1st to make things better…do it every.single.day of the year!