Sewing Fits

Can’t decide…cap or elasticized sleeves?


See this sweet girl:




She throws hellacious tantrums! I kind of think it has something to do with technology. She can find every preschool educational video on the YouTube App and can turn a computer on, open browsers then proceed to play on her favorite kid friendly sites. She’s 2 years and 4 months old! I’m sure that is the culprit but what’s the answer, take electronics away? What if she has a God Given Gift for technology? I don’t want to forbid her if it’s something she could make a career out of one day!

I AM proud of her but I could sure do without the meltdowns 🙂

Misadventures in Sewing

I really thought I’d made my own pants pattern before, I guess only in my mind. Below are scenes from an upcycle project, I used freezer paper for the pattern so it could be ironed on instead of pinned. I ended up adding a panel above the waist because I didn’t realize just how much fabric it took to accommodate a diaper.

I’m a pro at quilt shop quality cottons but knits, yeah they’re harder. Jenna is approaching two and I can’t seem to get her to cooperate for photos, most are her crying or blurry but I did get a couple. I’m hot and sweaty and my back hurts(I cussed some)but I learned a lot and I always feel accomplished. It’s always a success when a project escapes the trash can!

Thank you to Paige for providing the dress for this project. She feels as strongly as I do about not letting clothes hang around in closet being unworn. Our motto is donate or repurpose .

*The dress had ruffles so I avoided them when cutting for the exception of one side.










Proverbs 19:15 NKJV
Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.