I Had a Feeling

The day before The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale, I told Paige that they might use a cliffhanger ending…Who Shot JR 2.0, of course she didn’t think that would happen, well…here we are, in the dark until October. I think at this time we are convinced it was Abraham who was taken out of the ballgame via Negan and Lucille. It changes five times daily.

In regards to rolling down the bumpy grassy knoll that is 11/22/63, last night’s final installment was grand! I thought the destruction of 2016 was over dramatized as was Jake’s interrogation at the Dallas Police Station but my main complaint was they used a different actress for, “old Sadie.” I loved the episode but that really left a horrible residue(little inside humor for those who read the book). Time travel leaves residue.

Sunday Nights will be boring now, that’s for sure.

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3 Little Girls

When my son was almost 6 years old I’d begun to wonder if he’d be an only child like me(which I prayed he wouldn’t be)or if he’d get the baby “gurlu” he wanted or baby brother one day. 

A week or so before his sixth birthday we found out a baby sibling was on the way for him. I kept telling myself it was a boy so I wouldn’t get my hopes up but I knew in my heart it was the baby gurlu Cody asked for.

Now we have 3 Baby Gurlies!!!! I’m so glad Cody’s daughter has these two loving aunts to watch her grow and learn. For 6 1/2 years I was a boy-mom to the sweetest little guy and enjoyed it very much but now look at us!!! Beyond blessed!!!



The Sound of Crickets

That’s what many blogs have in common since Instagram has taken over the world. So easy just to post that overly hashtagged pic.

I’m not one for long posts, when I read recipe I skip right to the ingredients, usually skipping the instructions…no time for that either. So here is my life in pics this week:

*You may wonder why I made the Instagram reference if I’m just posting a few words then pics…I.am.a.slacker. who desperately to keep writing and posting pics on my blog(which has an audience that differs from social media😀).

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