The Richness of Literature

This is 11/22/63

So engaging, memorable and rereadable.

Sometimes I just read a random chapter, or ten. It’s so rich and delicious. The 11/22/63 Hulu miniseries is extremely tough to bite into, trying to choke it down has been a daunting task.

The six and seventh installment has been more tolerable the the previous five, hopefully by the time it’s over early Monday Morning the bad taste will be gone and I can have a little bit of resolve. I love James Franco and Stephen King but this J.J. Abrams butchered a phenomenal book. I ask why Mr. King, why? 

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale will leave me beaten and bruised, I’m afraid 11/22/63 final episode will leave me scarred…we’ll see.


Goodbye Denise/Daryl Got His Crossbow Back

I was very shocked at my daughter did not shed a tear for Denise…she saved Coral, for Pete’s sake! She did have a tear for Eugene being shot.

Really, I was rooting for Rosita’s demise, we need a surgeon!

Eugene biting Dwight was the funniest thing ever, very effective. Negan is coming, we need humor.

Daryl better never die and Carol please come back! Morgan needs you(Morl).

(Images property of AMC)


3 Little Girls

When my son was almost 6 years old I’d begun to wonder if he’d be an only child like me(which I prayed he wouldn’t be)or if he’d get the baby “gurlu” he wanted or baby brother one day. 

A week or so before his sixth birthday we found out a baby sibling was on the way for him. I kept telling myself it was a boy so I wouldn’t get my hopes up but I knew in my heart it was the baby gurlu Cody asked for.

Now we have 3 Baby Gurlies!!!! I’m so glad Cody’s daughter has these two loving aunts to watch her grow and learn. For 6 1/2 years I was a boy-mom to the sweetest little guy and enjoyed it very much but now look at us!!! Beyond blessed!!!



Pinteresting Pins

Here are some of my, “Can’t Live Withouts.”

Sophia, My Granddaughter loves her Bright Starts Cozy Coos Pacifer! It’s easy to find too. For Easter I bought her two more in this style…

I would never want any of my kids, even my nearly 21 year old eating these choking hazards but Atomic Fireballs are my favorite indulgence!


Even though Sophia is too young to use essential oils I use these on my neck and when I hold her she can smell them. Tummy All Better helps with colic and Sniffle Stopper makes her breathe easier since she’s had RSV lately. When she is 2 I’m definitely getting her a big set of the Kid Safe Synergies.