Pinteresting Pin(Episode: Tummy Virus)

Great for any age, keep this link handy!



Pinteresting Pins

Here are some of my, “Can’t Live Withouts.”

Sophia, My Granddaughter loves her Bright Starts Cozy Coos Pacifer! It’s easy to find too. For Easter I bought her two more in this style…

I would never want any of my kids, even my nearly 21 year old eating these choking hazards but Atomic Fireballs are my favorite indulgence!


Even though Sophia is too young to use essential oils I use these on my neck and when I hold her she can smell them. Tummy All Better helps with colic and Sniffle Stopper makes her breathe easier since she’s had RSV lately. When she is 2 I’m definitely getting her a big set of the Kid Safe Synergies.


Just in Time!

Jenna received a Minnie wet bag in her monthly Citrus Lane box. Perfect timing. We started a crash course in potty training yesterday.

When I purchased a 108 pack of diapers the other day I made up my mind that they’d never be opened and I would return them.

She rides on the end of the cart at Walmart and doesn’t wear diapers…so freeing!!!

According to the pencil test(Google it)Jenna is my last child. No more potty training…until grandkids arrive!

…which could be just around the corner. 🙂

Scholastic Read Aloud Tips

Go here for advice about raising good readers.


For years I’ve wanted custom book shelves, here is the first(of many, we have lots of books ;)Paul made this for the girls’ room…


Due to the fact that I clearly have a book buying problem, once in a while I donate a stack to our county library. You know, to make room for more!

Only for my books though, I could not ever get rid of any of the children’s books, they’re extra special!

Citrus Lane

You know the feeling…when you get totally excited about unique products for your kids and grandkids! Citrus Lane is just the place to find them!

A month ago I found plates for Jenna at Walmart that were made from recycled milk jugs. Citrus Lane has many baby and kid products and toys that are also made from recycled milk jugs. As well as other educational and non mainstream products.

I’m so excited to get our first subscription goody box as well as a pretty pink dump truck…for Jenna, of course! 🙂