Happy 1st Birthday Daisy!!!

We love you, Daisy/Daizumz/D-Zawz!!!



Five Fine Things About Friday 9/25/15

1. Daisy(cat)finally accepted Bianca(kitten). They were chasing and batting each other this morning.

2. I started the morning with a one mile walking workout.

3. The sun is beaming. 

4. There are 19 episodes of, “In the Heat of the Night,” on my DVR List…Saturday I accidentally deleted my favorite 83 episodes, lol! Thanks to WGN they will be restored in no time. There are quite a few episodes that aren’t available on DVD and are aired on TV only, for some reason. Like the deleted scene in, “Smokey and the Bandit.” One of life’s mysteries.

5. I never have a bad day. Granted, annoying things still happen to upset me but I move on a few minutes later. I remember for years, if one bad thing happened, it consumed me. How in the world could I function that way? Maybe it’s the learned wisdom that comes with getting older. 

The Sound of Crickets

That’s what many blogs have in common since Instagram has taken over the world. So easy just to post that overly hashtagged pic.

I’m not one for long posts, when I read recipe I skip right to the ingredients, usually skipping the instructions…no time for that either. So here is my life in pics this week:

*You may wonder why I made the Instagram reference if I’m just posting a few words then pics…I.am.a.slacker. who desperately to keep writing and posting pics on my blog(which has an audience that differs from social media😀).

image image image image imageimage