Unlikely Subjects

Photography to me doesn’t mean complicated equipment, it simple, timeless and effortless. 

This week I’m anticipating the arrival of a small, inexpensive card reader from Apple that will eliminate the need for a computer. I will be able to use my DSLR in conjunction with iPad Mini which is a dream come true.

February 25th, in my Facebook Feed was an article about taking photos of mundane things when you are in a snappy rut. Exactly a year before I took pics of that nature, not because I was in a rut but because it’s super fun and since I’m a quirky type they are photos that I would never be afraid to hang on my wall.


These two are from my 2009 archives. Not bad for someone who thought they knew a lot but really didn’t. Photography can be as difficult or simple as you decide to make it. Elegant simplicity is my motto.



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