Happy First Birthday Morgan!!!

Love you SO much, Mergy-Pergs!



My Morgan

I didn’t think I could live in a house with a dog. Now, I couldn’t live anywhere without a dog.

March 23rd(not sure that’s the exact date but it’s close)we will celebrate her 1st Birthday. She became a part of our family in early May, 2015. We welcomed two kittens last year as well and even though we love them equally, Morgy is a ton easier to deal with. She is the happiest, sweetest baby dog, ever!

The Sound of Crickets

That’s what many blogs have in common since Instagram has taken over the world. So easy just to post that overly hashtagged pic.

I’m not one for long posts, when I read recipe I skip right to the ingredients, usually skipping the instructions…no time for that either. So here is my life in pics this week:

*You may wonder why I made the Instagram reference if I’m just posting a few words then pics…I.am.a.slacker. who desperately to keep writing and posting pics on my blog(which has an audience that differs from social media😀).

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