Free and Bargain Kindle Books

Bookgorilla and Freebooksy are the motherload of free digital books! Lots of bargain prices as well.

One of my wish list books is rock bottom priced today!


I Had a Feeling

The day before The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale, I told Paige that they might use a cliffhanger ending…Who Shot JR 2.0, of course she didn’t think that would happen, well…here we are, in the dark until October. I think at this time we are convinced it was Abraham who was taken out of the ballgame via Negan and Lucille. It changes five times daily.

In regards to rolling down the bumpy grassy knoll that is 11/22/63, last night’s final installment was grand! I thought the destruction of 2016 was over dramatized as was Jake’s interrogation at the Dallas Police Station but my main complaint was they used a different actress for, “old Sadie.” I loved the episode but that really left a horrible residue(little inside humor for those who read the book). Time travel leaves residue.

Sunday Nights will be boring now, that’s for sure.

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The Richness of Literature

This is 11/22/63

So engaging, memorable and rereadable.

Sometimes I just read a random chapter, or ten. It’s so rich and delicious. The 11/22/63 Hulu miniseries is extremely tough to bite into, trying to choke it down has been a daunting task.

The six and seventh installment has been more tolerable the the previous five, hopefully by the time it’s over early Monday Morning the bad taste will be gone and I can have a little bit of resolve. I love James Franco and Stephen King but this J.J. Abrams butchered a phenomenal book. I ask why Mr. King, why? 

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale will leave me beaten and bruised, I’m afraid 11/22/63 final episode will leave me scarred…we’ll see.

Books, Books and More Books

I simply can’t get enough books. It takes me several days to finish a good book but the joy of being so engaged in the story that you actually feel a part of it is like no other feeling. 

Yellow Crocus and Quaker Cafe are two recent reads that I adored. Quaker Cafe starts out a bit slow but is a really enjoyable, heartfelt story. Yellow Crocus is just a winner, through and through. 

If you love reading, try out Kindle Paperwhite, I’m really loving it and have started 11/22/63 again…can’t wait for the miniseries, James Franco will be a terrific Jake!


Current Book Loves


From the bottom: BHG – I’ve posted extensively on the blog about my love of this book. When I was in California I found this pristine, early 90’s edition for $1.75. I’ve made waffles and sourdough starter and bread from it.

Happy Chaos by Punky Brewster – This jewel was sparkling at me from an end cap at a different thrift store in California. It was $2.99 and I love it SO much! Soleil rocks parenting and life in general.

Si-Cology 1 – Borrowed from my neighbor…what can I about Si, he’s perfect!

One Summer – By a NY Times best selling author I don’t know but it was in the bargain bin at Wally World late last night when I picked up my kitchen bug zapper. I will not tolerate even one fly in my home…they are the plague of summer.

*If you need reconnect time with your preteen daughter, late night trips to Walmart are awesome! Last night was one of those summer nights I would have slept outside if we had a trampoline. Beautiful evening!

Word building flash cards I bought last night for J-Bug. I totally thought they’d be over $5 but were under $3. She loves them.

Good day and happy reading and book buying/borrowing!

Scholastic Read Aloud Tips

Go here for advice about raising good readers.


For years I’ve wanted custom book shelves, here is the first(of many, we have lots of books ;)Paul made this for the girls’ room…


Due to the fact that I clearly have a book buying problem, once in a while I donate a stack to our county library. You know, to make room for more!

Only for my books though, I could not ever get rid of any of the children’s books, they’re extra special!

Humor Like No Other

Several days ago my favorite children’s author, Barbara Park passed away from Ovarian Cancer. She will be sadly missed and it’s awful to think of the pain she had to endure but if her humor in real life was anything like Junie B.’s she probably coped pretty well.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bursted out laughing while reading a JBJ book, the smart Alec-y humor and quick wit is second to none. She really put herself in the shoes of a small child when writing these books. Not many could do that so authentically.

At the Scholastic Book Fair last night I treated myself to this…


Complete with a fancy smancy built in bookmark! When I saw it on the shelf I grabbed it up speedy fast ­čśë