Five Days in November 

I’ve just finished reading this book by Clint Hill. It’s one of those books that is devoured in a matter of hours. You’re there, it seems as you read. 

JFK The Final Hours, goes hand in hand with the book. Brings it to life. Narrated by Bill Paxton, it’s the best JFK Texas Trip Documentary I’ve ever seen.


A Frigid Walk Up the Street

…and I got a few good photos this evening.

I was way far away, insanely far and this one turned out ok:

(Not much for framing but it was getting dark, on a brighter less freezing day I will try again for a frameable, probably with the 18-55 lens. I’m still a zoom lens novice but learning.)


This building was where My Dad taught 8th Grade after he graduated from Northeast Missouri State University in 1970-71. My parents met during that time.

My two oldest children, Cody and Paige attended elementary school here.

My husbands employer now owns the building. Washington County Farm Supply is a full service feed store featuring Purina Feeds, Stihl Products and Cub Cadet Mowers.

Just up the street from my house.

Precious Potty-Trained Princess and Perfect Mashed Potatoes


Age 2 1/2…my first potty trainer under 3…wooo hoooo!!!

She was terrified of the potty(Fisher Price Ladybug)but finally I put my foot down and demanded she sit on that ladybug potty and after going through the gates of potty hell that first day she began to love going potty and dumping it herself…wow, glad that’s checked off the list!

You might have noticed I don’t post recipes anymore. I will get back to it but I don’t measure most stuff and that seems to be a a mental barrier for me. Oh, well, perfect mashed potatoes are first baked(microwave), semi-cooled, peeled then add powdered coffee creamer and hot water, salt, pepper and butter, whir them up in the Kitchenaid….Enjoy!!!