ABC Mouse

This is the second time I’ve tried ABC Mouse. The first go around I thought you were stuck using age based curriculum only, I was very wrong. To get the most out of the service, changing grade level is done by clicking “options,” then parent, child settings. This is invaluable to homeschool parents, especially unschoolers who forge way ahead at any given time. 


Sensational Sight Words

Today, this set of beginning readers are free for Kindle! Jenna has clicked with them so easily and the majority of the companion sets are available to read for free via Kindle Unlimited and one set through Amazon Prime Reading. 

Precious Potty-Trained Princess and Perfect Mashed Potatoes


Age 2 1/2…my first potty trainer under 3…wooo hoooo!!!

She was terrified of the potty(Fisher Price Ladybug)but finally I put my foot down and demanded she sit on that ladybug potty and after going through the gates of potty hell that first day she began to love going potty and dumping it herself…wow, glad that’s checked off the list!

You might have noticed I don’t post recipes anymore. I will get back to it but I don’t measure most stuff and that seems to be a a mental barrier for me. Oh, well, perfect mashed potatoes are first baked(microwave), semi-cooled, peeled then add powdered coffee creamer and hot water, salt, pepper and butter, whir them up in the Kitchenaid….Enjoy!!!