Happy and Sad, Like Peanutbutter and Chocolate

Every day for all of my life I’ve been over emotional. That is, until approximately two years ago. Actually, it began slowly about five years ago but for past two years my emotions have been dead…completely gone. My brain has been foggy and I’ve felt like a visitor in foreign land inside of my own body.

I attribute this to many semi-(but common in today’s world)traumatic events occurring in the past thirteen or so years. Telling myself to be strong and tough, to suck it up and not be a cry baby really took hold all of a sudden and I proceeded to be a shell of my former self. My oldest daughter, Paige won’t even watch tear jerker movies with me because I’m like a statue with no emotions but I think that’s about to change.

In the past week or so I catch myself getting weepy at joyous things, sad things…I’m coming back to life! You have to have sadness to be happy, I’ve figured that out. Just like I’m always so paranoid about germs and getting sick…BUT don’t we always feel like a million bucks after recovering fully from a cold or flu? You have to have bad to appreciate the good.

It’s exciting to be excited about feeling life again! I’m looking forward to enjoying things like I used too but appreciating them much, much more!

Saturday, there was a little person here that always brightens our world, Miss Sophia, World’s Best Granddaughter!