Through My Grown Up Eyes

Even though I’m all in to natural remedies to see surgeons or actors playing out a realistic procedure on TV makes my jaw drop in respect and awe and to think these things happen, really happen every day. Good, dedicated physicians and surgeons are angels walking the Earth.

When I was a child watching St. Elsewhere it was truly captivating but through a child’s eyes. Last night I watched a Season 2 episode entitled Newheart on YouTube. It’s only available there, season 1 is the only one widely available. Newheart is broken in to eight parts with a the title, Heart Transplant. My Mom and I were deeply touched by this episode in the early 80’s, it definitely had an impact on how safety conscious I am for my children and I. I will always remember Jack’s young wife dying from a fall in her workplace restroom.

Watching the transplant scene literally is heart wrenching. As a grown adult it made realize these special people save lives every day, in real life. Both the surgeons and the donors are these special people, angels.

St. Elsewhere stayed around 49th place in viewer popularity during its entire six year run, thank God the critics loved it. It’s left an indelible place in my heart. The theme is also one of my favorite music pieces of my generation.

*According  to Wikipedia, there are 2,000-2,300 heart transplants done in the U.S. annually. During the episode, Newheart/Heart Transplant which aired 1/9/83, the supposed cost of the operation was $110,000.     


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