I Had a Feeling

The day before The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale, I told Paige that they might use a cliffhanger ending…Who Shot JR 2.0, of course she didn’t think that would happen, well…here we are, in the dark until October. I think at this time we are convinced it was Abraham who was taken out of the ballgame via Negan and Lucille. It changes five times daily.

In regards to rolling down the bumpy grassy knoll that is 11/22/63, last night’s final installment was grand! I thought the destruction of 2016 was over dramatized as was Jake’s interrogation at the Dallas Police Station but my main complaint was they used a different actress for, “old Sadie.” I loved the episode but that really left a horrible residue(little inside humor for those who read the book). Time travel leaves residue.

Sunday Nights will be boring now, that’s for sure.

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