Cleaning Out the Cupboard 


I ended up only needing one box of pasta salad mix. This was added to 2 lbs. of browned ground beef. After the beef was cooked I added a tbsp.-ish of all purpose flour to thicken the sauce. 

In the coffee bottle is evaporated milk(almost an entire cans worth).

After the pasta was cooked through(add water in addition to the milk)I added authentic cheddar, I like Cabot Extra Sharp.

My family loved this dish. I didn’t eat right away so my pasta was soggy but still really good. I usually cook the pasta in the microwave with 16 oz. of water for about 10 minutes if I’m making the pasta salad. That would certainly make it more aldente to stir it in after the beef is cooked.

Add in items that would be good include Rotele, plain diced tomatoes, scallions, chopped crispy bacon, maybe even some olives, black or green. 

This is a quick, tasty dinner and I was able to use one of the many boxes of pasta salad that my daughter stockpiles then proceeds to eat for days in a row then tires of. She seemed to really like this dish in spite of a recent round of Ranch and Bacon Burnout.


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