Dallas: A Love Story ~ Part I


In 1978 I started Kindergarten and began a lifelong relationship with CBS’s Nighttime Soap, Dallas. My mom allowed me to share the Friday 9pm Central weekly drama with her and I shared the 8pm Dukes of Hazzard times slot with her, although she was busy putting together my round tortilla chips and Aldi Longhorn Cheese oven nachos. She had sewed a humongous floor pillow for me to enjoy these occasions and I was glued to the tube for two solid hours of yee haws, raw liver, bourbon and branch, lying, cheating and power trips. It was glorious!

To be continued…

(because I can’t stand looooooong posts)
*Dallas completed its run the Friday before I graduated from High School on May 17, 1991. Now that’s a successful series to be on the air for an entire school career length!


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