Five Fine Things About Friday 9/25/15

1. Daisy(cat)finally accepted Bianca(kitten). They were chasing and batting each other this morning.

2. I started the morning with a one mile walking workout.

3. The sun is beaming. 

4. There are 19 episodes of, “In the Heat of the Night,” on my DVR List…Saturday I accidentally deleted my favorite 83 episodes, lol! Thanks to WGN they will be restored in no time. There are quite a few episodes that aren’t available on DVD and are aired on TV only, for some reason. Like the deleted scene in, “Smokey and the Bandit.” One of life’s mysteries.

5. I never have a bad day. Granted, annoying things still happen to upset me but I move on a few minutes later. I remember for years, if one bad thing happened, it consumed me. How in the world could I function that way? Maybe it’s the learned wisdom that comes with getting older. 


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