The 1980

Paige and I have been watching tons of 60’s-80’s commercials on YouTube. They are gems…that kind of passion for ones product is non existent today. The catchy jingles get stuck in your head and that’s something I’m thankful my girl’s can be a part of. The late 70’s Dr. Pepper, “I’m a Pepper, you’re a Pepper, etc.” is sure to cheer up the gloomiest of gusses.

The Big Macs look amazing. Nothing like we are served today when we order from the Golden Arches. My creativity started in overdrive for a burger cooked at home that would satisfy our craving for a 70’s Mac.

While it’s not exact, it’s inspired by burgers past.


I mixed a couple of pounds of ground beef with ranch dressing and dried onion flakes then baked it…


…added homemade thousand island and there you have it, the 1980!


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