Waiting Sucks a Little….

…but it pays off.

I’m so not a fan of what I call Overphotoshopping or Photoshop misuse but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the product. The best program I ever owned was Elements 6 and still I felt I was jipped that the real, full on product was mega expensive, I wasn’t going there.

Then, I was browsing around Amazon as I do a gazillion times a day and see that the latest version and Lightroom are 9.99 plus tax a month as digital downloads…I’m not stupid, I seized that opportunity!

Thankfully, I paid attention any time The Pioneer Woman offered PS Elements tutorials back in the day. I checked her site, they are still there but sadly and not so sadly(she is totally fabulous and way too busy for that jazz)there aren’t any new ones.

These images were totally unusable prior to PS and LR:



Wow, just wow…what a Christmas Gift to me and all my fellow photographers(who are cheapskates and won’t take out a loan for software programs.)


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