When I was expecting Paige in 2001 Cody checked out this book from the school library…


I promptly ordered a copy from Amazon and it’s been in our library of books for 12 years. Jenna adores it and today I added her name to the books inscription.


Paige spent $38(+ a $2 donation)at the book fair last month, titles that included 1D, a 1D Poster and a new Wimpy Kid Book and Ten Little Kisses. I think she knew her baby sister would love it. As I was putting together this post Jenna was saying, “heart,” while thumbing through that book, Paige said she was so cute she wanted to cry. She’ll be a great mommy someday and her children will be reading these very books we are so fond of!


Oh, and J also does the Dora Dance like her sister used to. 🙂



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