Nothing Eludes Me Quite Like a Nap

Miss Princess Jenna is enjoying time at her Dad’s again and as always my exhausted brain will not shut off to enjoy a nap. When I can I don’t and when I can’t there’s nothing I want more. My Mom’s friend used to babysit me from time to time when I was little, all of her other babysit-ees would happily oblige at naptime, I’d always be like, “Yeah, right lady, not happening!” Thank Heavens Jenna is a champion napper, my older two not so much. Although, both of them came home from Kindergarten and crashed on the couch until the next morning, several times, one of the most astounding things I had ever witnessed, Cody in August of 2000, Paige in August 2007.

Those two were my co-sleepers, something I always thought I’d do until I didn’t with Jenna. Her independent sleep habits are an amazing blessing. From the time she was a tiny baby I could put her in her bed, walk away and that was that. When she was three months old I took her pacifier, she never missed it. We become creatures of habit but I’m certainly glad I’m not afraid of a change in routine because the third time around at parenthood has been a breeze due to my ability to grow and evolve instead of thinking each child should have a cookie cutter upbringing. Not that I am against co-sleeping but I would recommend all parents give the traditional route a try but one thing that I can’t seem to change is my ability to nap!

-Parents don’t make mistakes because they don’t care, but because they care so deeply.

T. Berry Brazelton


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