Bittersweet Sunday

A couple of weeks ago a page was suggested to me in the Facebook newsfeed. It was about a prayer page for a sweet child dying of cancer. Last night after finding out that this was probably that precious child’s last night on Earth, I watched her cancer story video. The scenes of what the chemo did to her made me angry and I asked, “How could God let this happen?” I felt ashamed being angry at My Heavenly Father but he knows how I felt, he sacrificed his only son so we could be forgiven of our many sins. Even though I didn’t know this child, I did, through Jesus.

A couple of hours later I was trying to fall asleep, seeing those images of that beautiful child ravaged by a disease so horrible it is feared by the largest of men, she was a small baby girl having to be brave beyond her years. At that time my body felt all goosebumpy and the feeling I get when I am closest to God washed over me, I knew in my heart that little girl who fought so hard had begun her life in Heaven. I found out this morning that at about that very time I felt that, she did pass away. No more sadness, no more pain. God set her soul free.

God works in mysterious ways, he connects us with people that way may never ever meet but through our Lord Jesus, his son, every story of heartache and joy has the potential to enrich our lives in many ways. Gratitude is greater, love is stronger, life is more joyful. That precious girl was born to minister to many through her courage and strength, I will forever be touched by her grace-filled soul.

God Bless you all! Hug your babies and loved ones a bit tighter today. ❤


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