Knitting [Transferring Live Stitches to a Holder]

Did you know circular needles can be used for back and forth knitting? Long cords can hold big projects, there’s no fumbling with two needles or the risk of losing/misplacing a needle and transferring live stitches to a holder(to continue knitting later)is a breeze.

Hold your knitting with the wrong side(yarn tail on right)facing you, take a spare, straight needle and purl wise transfer each stitch. You can secure the the end of the needle with a rubberband to keep your project from slipping off the needle aka holder. 🙂 Now, when you’re ready to start knitting those stitches again grab your circular and knit the stitches off the holder(needle).


I’m using Addi Natura Bamboo circular needles. My favorite!

Happy Knitting!


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