Torn, pulled actually.

This was the workout I was doing when I figured out that I’ve pulled a muscle in the back of my knee. And I’m torn about how I should approach my workouts until it heals. Usually, I’d throw caution the wind and work through the pain but that is not the smart thing to do.

I was having so much fun with that new Leslie workout, bummer! Then I found YouTube added more new advanced walks! Total bummer! I’d love to try them right now! Hopefully this will heal fast. I’m going to try a lower impact walk for now, just to keep moving. I know running has caused this injury but I’m not quitting by any means, I’m thinking walking is my strong suit but I can use running to boost it. Just like Leslie does on some of her workout videos. If had run track in high school, I’d have been a sprinter, guaranteed! Distance running is not for me, nothing is cookie cutter, especially workouts.


I finally found the first Leslie workout I started with in 2003! Such a good one!

Keep working out! 🙂


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