Novice? Not Actually

This photo was taken several years ago before I allowed this beautiful bag I knitted and felted sit around, get all dusty and eventually tossed out with the trash. Sickening and heartbreaking. I’d carry it right now, proudly in public.


Now I appreciate my talents, I know it’s the little things that make big dreams come true and for me, my big dream has always been self confidence, self love and self admiration/appreciation.

For years, I’d walk and walk, knowing that it helps me mentally and physically but this week I decided to run instead. Yes, it’s harder but I found my groove, my inspiration is hearing the dogs barking way across the town blocks, thinking, “Man, I was just there!” then passing that same dog a few minutes later. Pure joy! Feeling my muscles working is a great feeling and look at all the time I save by running two laps instead of walking six! Novice? Not actually! 🙂

God Bless your Sunday!


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