Paula Deen Springform Pan


I’m so pleased with the effortless results and quality that comes with this pan

My first cheesecake experience wasn’t perfect and needs lots of tweaking but the right tools make it delightful!

I used this recipe, I never follow directions correctly,(don’t let your cc sit for 5 hours, pop that sucker in the freezer)I do my own thing, when you are almost 41 years old you realize that it’s perfectly acceptable and should be encouraged.

– I used a sugar cookie mix for the crust, omitted the egg and which was a good choice because it didn’t puff up but should have only used 2 tbs. of butter/margarine so it would have been a more crumbly crust.

-Dairy ingredients should always be room temperature before baking but the excitement of a new kitchen tool overtook me!

-Kitchenaid’s are powerful, over mixing is easy to do, trust me!

It was so much fun I’m already planning an Oreo version:)


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