Loud and Clear

This morning, I found a wonderful pin on Pinterest for Playdough made with Kool-Aid! My Mom made homemade Playdough for me hundreds of times, it was one of my favorite things she made. Besides homemade spaghetti in my school lunch thermos and peanut butter fudge, that is! 😉 Jenna would flip getting to mush the dough and manipulate it…wrong! She wasn’t impressed but I totally dig it! Smells divine!


She wanted to play outside instead! I’m pretty cautious, (former helicopter mom), but I plopped her in a kitchen chair while standing and really thought she’d go for the dough, especially standing in a chair without mom hovering over her. She didn’t but a very nice result ensued…she started chattering up a storm of gibberish, which for a child with a slight speech delay, is quite nice to hear. She’s my second child out of my three to experience this delay and since I’m older and wiser I recognize any activity that gets her chattering. When my son had trouble verbalizing at Jenna’s age I was told to wait it out, which I did, he started talking nonstop at age 3 and hasn’t hushed up since, *wink* but if I’d had just a micro ounce of the creativity then that I now possess, the process could have happened much quicker and provided us more bonding time.


The medicine cup I used to cut out Playdough circles was more interesting to her than the Playdough circle. All in all, this dough is fabulous and we got great speech practice, a success! The texture and smell of the dough make this my all time favorite, so nice! Paige, my 5th Grader, will adore it and I’m sure she will have to make several batches herself. The girl loves any and everything about cooking, baking or mixing any foodstuffs. My parents are still raving about her fruit salad she made for them during last summer’s visit to Gramma and Grandpa’s House in California.

I love the giftability of this craft and will be sharing it or the recipe with every mom, gramma and teacher I see!

*A short time after we played with playdough, Jenna said, “de nada,” while watching Dora!!!

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Read more: http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/bible-verses-about-children-25-inspirational-scripture-quotes/#ixzz2PXSH9ZcK


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