No Excuses

Working out, on some level should be a life requirement. It improves so many aspects of one’s day. Leslie Sansone calls it the medicine for life and I agree. It has taken me years to find a fitness groove, it’s not intense but it’s consistent. Too much is too much for me and I burn out easy, it only takes thirty minutes of exercise per day to keep your heart healthy and your day fabulous. I highly recommend starting here. You have an internet connection, obviously…so try it!

When I started, “walking,” (her videos are much more than that,one of her taglines)regularly in December, I kept advancing and was set to try running and any fitness program I could afford. Then…reality set in, that’s not me, I did try running and I hate it. Walking provides me peace of mind and all the fresh air I desire and Leslie’s walk at home videos give me a workout that doesn’t burn me out and I will stick with. So far, I’ve purchased this DVD and am currently taking advantage of her available vids on YouTube. The Five Mile Fat Burning Walk is on YouTube now, it’s amazingly refreshing…goes by so fast with the boosted walks at the end of each mile. If, for some reason they remove it at some point, I will add it to my collection. Wouldn’t want to be without that.

I turned forty last October and tomorrow I become the mother of an official adult and to me, I’m in the best shape that I want ME to be in. That’s very cool.Fitness doesn’t have to cost a fortune, YouTube has many workouts, lots of choices ranging from easy to insane levels of fitness for free! Remember, slow and steady wins the race…some days I workout and walk outside, I skip a day of inside workouts now and then, even take weekends off but I never miss the opportunity to walk outside. There have been freezing days I’ve gotten out and done a few laps around the block. Never spend a pretty, warm day inside!

If you think diet and exercise go hand in hand, well not really…at first that is. Even if you can’t keep your hand out of that cookie jar, do some sort of physical activity each day. I won’t get on the food topic just now but if you’re moving and not sitting all day, you’re on the right track.

Because I want to add a fresh photo to my blogging each day challenge…here is a photo of another bargain. My daughter, Paige’s rollerblades. These blue beauties were $7.59 at The Salvation Army Store and they never fail to bring a smile to her face. Happiness is usually free or pretty close!

*This is not a sponsored post and the opinions are my own.


Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. ~ Hebrews 12:1-2 NKJV


4 thoughts on “No Excuses

    • Each mile is 15 min, plus a few min at the beginning and end for stretching. You can also create your own workout by combining the invidual miles in any order. Potosi Walmart carries it, back by the treadmills hanging up to the left.

  1. The one at Walmart is The Ultimate 5 Day Walk, I own it, The Fat Burning with the boosted walks is on YouTube for free, Amazon, eBay and probably at the bigger Walmart stores. Also, I started with The 2 Mile Fat Burning Walk via Amazon Instant Video through Roku. I haven’t checked but many of Leslie’s videos should be available there.

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