Hello Mr. Bowl and Mrs. Spoon!

I have to admit, I’m a a bit ocd about messes, so when it came to Jenna’s first attempt at spoon feeding herself, I played it safe…small baby spoon and peanut butter. Boring, she ate some but was less than impressed.


Today’s Spring Weather(finally)had me in a great mood so I felt I could let my mess guard down a little. I gave her a plastic bowl, dollop of sweet potatoes a plastic measuring spoon and she was thrilled! New learning experiences such as this really gets a little one’s language skills in tune and brightens their little mood.

Lately, I’ve been clicking, literally and figuratively with my camera and have made a great editing discovery. PicMonkey…formerly Picnik is making photos fun again for me. It’s free too, an added bonus.

There are so many great things in life that are free. For two decades I thought that if you wanted to be the best at something you needed to have the best equipment, supplies and a lot of stuff that costs money but I was wrong. Today I start this blog in order to blog each and every day. No longer will I think about how many years I would have been blogging if I hadn’t quit a million times before. With Easter still being fresh in my mind, I start with a clean, new refreshed spirit.

While I live will I praise the Lord: I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being. ~ Psalm 146: 2 NKJV


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